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In this collection, Yina Hwang was mainly inspired by shapes that are symmetric and asymmetric with a touch of underground music culture. She curated this collection based on her pivotal moment of self embracement to create a collection of functional yet abstract garments and accessories to embody the story of her experience. Every print and fabric in the project is original and she mainly used PU leather, Satin, Power Mash, and Spandex for the base of the fabrics.

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The first work in this series uses the existing temperature-change fabrics on the market, and the garment pattern is designed to highlight the structural line, and the structural line is closed with a sticker. During the temperature change, the closed structural line cannot interact with the temperature change. The material is also changing.

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River to Ocean

River to Ocean, seeing who you are while flowing your way. It combines Kou’s textile work with Nie's 3D wearable sculptures that resemble splashing liquid frozen in time. This capsule collection contains 6 looks in total, and it was divided into 3 themes which are “Meet with flowers”, “Meet with air”, and “Meet with earth”, which are also three metaphorical elements as one’s diverse experience in life to help him/her to see the true self.

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SS2019 Splash Silicone Rubber Clothing

'Splash' is a collection made of silicone rubber, a versatile material the designer has been using to create her sci-fi ambience concepts since 2014. The designer developed a special molding-casting technology to construct her silicone garments. The pieces created are highly eco-friendly as there is no waste during the creative process and they are also waterproof and easy-to-clean. The title "splash' refers to the technology, which involves injecting water between layers of silicone.

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This design is made from rubber rings by a special weaving technique suitable for annular materials. It can weave rubber rings together to be a reticular fabric and convert them into wearable designs but not cause any damage to the annular structure that all the materials inside the fabric are intact and can be reused. In addition, It does not require professional skill and special tools that even laymen without any weaving experience can easily use this craft. Everyone can knit his own clothes easily by this way.

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Turquerie places the Ottoman Empire inspiration into a modern background, for an eclecticism of styles with an ethnic influence. The materials used, such as jacquard, velvet and chiffon, create both chromatic and rigidity contrasts, thus adorning the simple shapes and the clean lines. Made of six silhouettes, the collection gives a range of outfits to choose from. As for the campaign, the project puts together the author's Moldovan roots together with her passion for multiculturalism, for a rich blend of colour, print and texture.

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