Monde-Presentation Centre by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Designs The Monde Presentation Centre

The thinktank behind the award winning design Presentation Centre by Acclaimed Designer points out, The interior design for the 390 m² Monde presentation centre in Toronto, Canada, engenders a complex layering of surface planes and textures, accentu <Cropped>

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Beauty Care Products by Moon Troops

Moon Troops Designs The Moerie Beauty Care Products

Moon Troops , the designer of the award winning project Moerie - Beauty Care Products by Moon Troops illustrates, Moerie product line contains overall feeling of naturalness, luxury and unique composition. Natural products of the Provence pharmacy as <Cropped>

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Hip Hop Watches Challenge

Binda Group and Desall Invite You to Design The New Watch Hip Hop Hero 4.0, a Customisable Product With a Minimal and Distinctive Design, Suitable For Every Moment of Your Daily Life.hip Hop Watches Challenge-design The New Iconic Hip Hop Watch New Pro

Binda group and desall invite you to design the new watch hip hop hero 4.0, a customisable product with a minimal and distinctive design, suitable for every moment of your daily life.Hip hop watches challenge - design the new iconic hip hop watch ne <Cropped>

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Oct The Rivirea-Sales Center by Kot Ge-Lsdcasa

Kot Ge-Lsdcasa Creates The Oct The Rivirea Sales Center

Kot Ge - LSDCASA, the creator of the awarded work Kot Ge - LSDCASA's OCT The Rivirea Sales Center says, Located on the west bank of xianghu lake, the project was like a floating "square box" which connected by the sculpture with the pa <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Decor Photoinstallation

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Decor Photoinstallation

The creative mind behind the displayed project Photoinstallation by Acclaimed Designer explains, In a model building I want to give thoughts around the reality, that we consider ours and look at it as a scenography to an imagined scenario. A scenario <Cropped>

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Vase:curva Vase Collection by Bruno Oro De Abreu

Bruno Oro De Abreu Presents The Curva Vase Collection Vase

Bruno Oro De Abreu, the architect of the award winning design Curva Vase Collection by Bruno Oro De Abreu spells out, Curva vases were designed with the intent of not being some more vases that are hidden when not used with flowers, but as pieces of <Cropped>

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Laboratory by Xiwen Guo

Xiwen Guo Presents The Cloud Laboratory

Xiwen Guo, the author of the awarded project Laboratory by Xiwen Guo explicates, This is China's first microfilm and media creative laboratory. It is free from the serious stereotypes of traditional laboratories and is very beautiful. In the who <Cropped>

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Svetlogorie Residential House by Alexandra Fedorova

Alexandra Fedorova Reveals The Svetlogorie Residential House Interior Design

Alexandra Fedorova, the maker of the award winning design Interior Design:Svetlogorie Residential House by Alexandra Fedorova illustrates, The Svetlogorie is the interior design project of the two-storey house in the suburbs of Moscow. In the inter <Cropped>

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Award Winning Transition Residential Interior Design

I-Chen Ko and Lin-Jun-Xian Presents The Transition Residential Interior Design

I-Chen Ko and Lin-Jun-Xian, the thinktank behind the award winning work I-Chen Ko and Lin-Jun-Xian's Transition Residential Interior Design spells out, The project Transition is a spatial aesthetics as the second layer perception and made the re <Cropped>

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Swiss Original Handmade Creative Project

The Competition Entails The Production of a Work of Art/Expression That Represents and Gives Shape to The Interpretative Territory Defined: Swiss Original – Handmade Creative Original Handmade Creative Project For Centuries, The Swiss Tra

The competition entails the production of a work of art/expression that represents and gives shape to the interpretative territory defined: swiss original – handmade creative project.Swiss original handmade creative project for centuries, the swis <Cropped>

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