Award Winning Wall of Knowledge Middle School

Tarik Zoubdi and Mounir Benchekroun Portrays The Wall of Knowledge Middle School

Tarik Zoubdi and Mounir Benchekroun, the designer of the displayed work Wall of Knowledge by Tarik Zoubdi and Mounir Benchekroun demonstrates, “Wall of knowledge” is a Building of a middle school in the city of El Jadida (100 km southwest of Casa <Cropped>

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Iv International Contest of Theatrical Poster

Contest Has 2 Stages: 1. Internet-Anyone Can Put Poster to Site. 2. Final Stage. Artists' Jury Select 70 Posters and Make a Final Exibition. Two Team of Jury: Artists' Jury and Theatre Critics Jury. Artists' Jury Select 3 Winners and Theat

Contest has 2 stages: 1. internet -anyone can put poster to site. 2. final stage. artists' jury select 70 posters and make a final exibition. two team of jury: artists' jury and theatre critics jury. artists' jury select 3 winners and <Cropped>

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Award Winning Degrade Lines Necklace

Maria Eftychi, Design-m.e Illustrates The Degrade Lines Necklace

Maria Eftychi, Design-m.e, the lead designer of the displayed project Necklace by Maria Eftychi, Design-m.e says, Degrade Line necklace combines, simplicity, colorful essence and a unique texture. It is delicately crafted from hundreds of pieces of <Cropped>

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Office Headquarters:jianfa Group Hq by Pan Jun

Pan Jun Designs The Jianfa Group Hq Office Headquarters

Pan Jun, the author of the awarded work Jianfa Group HQ - office headquarters by Pan Jun spells out, Located in Metropolis, the office space achieved a minimalist, lively and modern office space that showcases strong sense of contemporaneity and tech <Cropped>

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Hiroomi Takemori's Step House Resort Villa

Hiroomi Takemori Portrays The Step House Resort Villa

Hiroomi Takemori, the thinktank behind the displayed work Resort Villa by Hiroomi Takemori explicates, The project is located one hour by car from city center. Client want to spend his weekend here with his family and friends. This project aimed at s <Cropped>

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De Beers-Armchair by Ronald Scliar Sasson

Ronald Scliar Sasson Shares The De Beers Armchair

Ronald Scliar Sasson, the project leader of the award winning project Armchair:De Beers by Ronald Scliar Sasson explicates, This project is a conceptual armchair made ​​of brass and leather with organic shape with simple fittings of two volume <Cropped>

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Shelf Cooler by Gravity Design Team

Gravity Design Team Reveals The Gravity Cooler Shelf Cooler

Gravity Design Team, the thinktank behind the awarded project Gravity Cooler - Shelf Cooler by Gravity Design Team points out, The aim was to solve the problems of having not enough cold beverage stocks in the markets. According to the researches, <Cropped>

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Multi-Functional Storage:shang System by Scene Shang

Scene Shang Illustrates The Shang System Multi-Functional Storage

SCENE SHANG, the thinktank behind the awarded design SHANG System by SCENE SHANG explicates, The SHANG System is a contemporary furniture system that is rooted in history and culture. The System pairs key visual elements of traditional Chinese furn <Cropped>

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Space Saving Bathroom Accessories by Toshihiko Sakai

Toshihiko Sakai Discloses The R2300 Series Space Saving Bathroom Accessories

Toshihiko Sakai, the maker of the award winning work Space saving bathroom accessories by Toshihiko Sakai explicates, A bathroom of Japanese apartment is prefabricated unit and very small. The designer aimed to produce Bathroom accessories which woul <Cropped>

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Bean Buro 's Tasty Congee & Wantun Noodle Shop Restaurant

Bean Buro Designs The Tasty Congee & Wantun Noodle Shop Restaurant

Bean Buro , the maker of the highlighted work Award Winning Tasty Congee & Wantun Noodle Shop Restaurant points out, The restaurant design celebrates the reputation of the noodle brand and 70 years of wantun noodle history. The Hong Kong brand <Cropped>

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